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Chili Cooks, for Great Award Winning Chili Recipes!!!!!


Welcome to Chili Cooks!


 I have not tried every one of the recipes, most are from people who have visited my site or friends, and of course a recipe is just a guide and you can change to what you like. Make sure you try one of the Texas Style Recipes.

Getting the right meat is important. You can use anything you like, but do not leave too much grease after browning the meat. It can be the cheapest roast on sale, ask your meat cutter to cut like tips, but leave all the fat and you don’t care want it looks like. Or ask for a chili grind.
Most important is to enjoy cooking and eating the Chili, so make some you like. But try some different recipes or make changes to recipes you have, you may find a new recipe. Write down what you did so you can do again and please send to me to try and post for others to enjoy.
Find a brand of chili powder you like and stick with it. The chili powder can make a difference in the taste. When cooking at a CASI chili cook off the chili powder can make the difference of winning or not.But above all, you should enjoy making chili and when you serve it to family and friends enjoy the comments you will get on how good the chili is and when are you going to make more.
I will be adding and updating Chili Cooks so please keep checking back. And any things you would like to see please email me.
Please look over and then send comments or suggestions so we can improve. We will still bring you the best Chili Recipes including my new Chili Cook’s Own Texas Style Chili and provide you with a photo gallery (coming soon). My goal is to have a site you can move around and find what you need and one you will keep coming back to.
Please send any comments, recipes, pictures or ideas to Bob. I will answer all e-mails.
Your comments are welcome, you can leave a comment by using the contact form.