Chile Cheese Fondue

by Bob
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Published on: September 19, 2013
Chile Cheese Fondue
  1. 24 Anaheim chiles, seeded, cut in half
  2. 1lb Velveeta cheese
  3. 1/2lb jack Cheese
  4. 1 cup heavy cream
  5. 4 cups red onion
  6. 2 cups chopped tomatoes
  7. 6 cloves garlic, chopped
  1. Place chiles on foil lined baking sheet and flatten. Broil until skin is mostly black. Remove from heat and cover tightly for 10 minutes. Then, remove skins and chop. Set aside.
  2. Over low heat, melt cheeses. Make sure to stir constantly. Once completely melt, stir in cream and continue to cook until smooth, then add the rest of the stuff.

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