Robb’s Homemade Salsa

by Bob
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Published on: September 19, 2013
Robb's Homemade Salsa
  1. 3 fresh jalapeno peppers
  2. 1 fresh habenero pepper
  3. 5 fresh mirasol peppers
  4. 1 large onion
  5. 8 large, plum tomatoes
  6. 8 cloves of garlic
  7. 2 dried poblano peppers
  8. salt to taste (1 to 2 tsp.)
  1. Remove the stems from the peppers. Roast fresh peppers and garlic in a high heat oven until slightly blackened. While this is happening soak the dried peppers in water for 30 minutes. Once done, chop in a food processor until course. Scald the tomatoes in boiling water then remove the skin, chop and add to pepper mixture, chill and serve with chips!
Adapted from Robb's Homemade Salsa

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